About Nanal Family & the Organization

Vaidya Nanal family is pride of our country and abroad and their contribution to Ayurveda domain over past 100 years is remarkable. The journey started with Late Purushottamshastri Nanal who started in 1915 with his clinical work and he truly institutionalized Ayurveda in early 1900.

He along with some of his likeminded fraternity members started most of the pioneering institutes in Pune. His vision was to give an institutional base to aspiring students of Ayurveda and help them with authentic teachings along with hands on experience of medicines manufacturing and clinical experience. With this motive he started Tilak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya, Ayurveda Rasashala and Seth Tarachand Ramnath Hospital.

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Bruhattrayee Ratna Late Vaidya Vilas M. Nanal

  • He was a personality with outstanding command over the Bruhattrayees, Laghutrayees  & was a hardcore Clinician & Academician with practical knowledge about Rasashasta and other drug manufacturing.
  • His specialty was to relate Ayurvedic principles with other knowledge streams and help people understand in a simpler and better way. He received the prestigious award Bruhattrayee Ratna award in 2010. 
  • He did spread Ayurveda widely across the globe. He was always was an inspiration to all the vaidyas and students. 
  • 4th August 2014 he passed away leaving behind  great amount of research work and knowledge in various forms like, Manuscripts, Videos Audio and others.

Bruhattrayee Ratna Late Vaidya Vilas M. Nanal
  • Vaidya Upendra Dikshit

    Vaidya Upendra Dikshit


  • Vaidya Shyam Pillai

    Vaidya Shyam Pillai


  • Vaidya Anura Bale

    Vaidya Anura Bale


  • Vaidya Bramhadatta Nampoodari

    Vaidya Bramhadatta Nampoodari


  • Vaidya Ashutosh Nanal

    Vaidya Ashutosh Nanal


  • Vaidya B. S. Prasad

    Vaidya B. S. Prasad


  • Vaidya Tapan Kumar

    Vaidya Tapan Kumar


  • Vaidya Rishabh Jain

    Vaidya Rishabh Jain


  • Vaidya Satyavrat Nanal

    Vaidya Satyavrat Nanal


  • Vaidya Bhupesh Vashisht

    Vaidya Bhupesh Vashisht


  • Vaidya M.Prasad

    Vaidya M.Prasad